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Taizhou huangyan fenghua plastic mould factory located in city near sea which is the cradle of china mould ?C huangyan.

As one of the most competitive large-size hollow blowing moulding manufactures, we devote ourselves to R&D,innovation,manufacture and improvement of the hollow moulding and mould

material. So that we can make one and another brilliant record in the history of the moulding field.

Our company owns a professional,highly qualified,determined team. We also have advanced equipments including CAD/CAM system,CNC machine, EDM, CNC work station. All above guarantee

the quality of mould and reduce the delivery time.

The mould we make use aluminium alloy material which have the characteristics of fine cooling capacity, high producing efficiency and smooth surface. Recent years, we strived to explore dome-stic and oversea market, becomed the appointed mould supplier of more than 100 enterprises in the globe. Especially, the IBC100L and 200L mould keep ahead in china and gain reputation

abroad. Up to 2009, there are 10 IBC1000L product lines in china among them, 8 use our mould ( 3 are matched with German KAUTEX machine).

We are fully confident and adhere to idea that success start from cooperation, cooperation base on honesty.

Fenghua plastic mould factory will try our best to make customers satisfied by judgmatical, perfect service and top-ranking quality.